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NameJUMP: Assemble
Required Android5.0 And Above
Size1.01 GB
DeveloperProgram Twenty Three

If you are an Anime or Manga Fan then this game is for you, You might’ve already heard about this game on various social media platforms such as X & TikTok. But when you tried to download it from the PlayStore you found out that it is not available in your country. Don’t worry because from our website you can easily download this amazing Anime Game and enjoy playing with your favorite characters from various Weekly Shonen JUMP series.

JUMP Assemble APK is a game which includes all the popular Week Shonen JUMP Characters such as Goku, Luffy, Ichigo, Naruto, Tanjiro, and many more all of them come together in this game and you can chose them as your character and enjoy using their amazing powers. The controls of this game is perfect which gives you great gameplay experience. For Many fans out there it is like a dream to play a game where all of the popular anime characters are there but its not just a dream anymore because Using JUMP Assemble APK that dream becomes reality.

JUMP Assemble APK is the latest MOBA Game developed by the publisher Program Twenty Three. Jump Assemble APK is not that old it was just released on September 2023 and since then this game has gained huge popularity in the anime community. The Reason of the rise of popularity Of JUMP Assembler Mobile game is that it involves the creativity of combining two great passions which are Anime and MOBA Games. This has created a huge effect among thousands of other games that are also extremely outstanding rankings wise.

Jump Assemble APK Download

One of the reason because Of Which JUMP Assemble Android APK got popular is that it includes tons of characters from all the big weekly Shonen JUMP series such as Demon slayer, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. The best thing is that it even includes DBZ which is quite old of an Shonen JUMP series yet popular love this Anime till this date after all the decades since it was released.

If you are into anime you have most likely watched all the series from which Jump Assemble has it’s characters from. And playing with these characters is going to make you remind of how amazing those Anime were. The Fans who have played this game gets the feeling of nostalgia, especially because of it having Goku, Naruto and Ichigo. This makes fans think about the old days when these great anime were still airing. Since all those anime have finished now, there is nothing more to consume expect the Games. And Jump Assemble is the most recent game which you can play if you loved those series.

Characters In JUMP: Assemble


Son GOKU Also Known as Kakarot is the most iconic Shonen JUMP character. He is from Dragon Ball Series, GOKU Is loved by millions of fans world-wide. He is someone who trains very hard in order to become stronger and stronger. By the end Of DBZ GOKU becomes the most strongest character in the series surpassing everyone. The most common attack he uses is Kamehameha


Naruto series is the most popular anime series of 2000’s. These days those who discover anime for the first time usually their first anime is NARUTO. Because the NARUTO fans love to recommend their series whoever wants to start watching Anime. Naruto is know for his hard work and dedication. The Most common attack of his is the Rasengan.


Monkey D Luffy is from the series of One Piece which is still running and he is known for being funny and confident. Luffy is someone with hidden powers and devil fruit powers. No matter how strong the enemy is. Luffy each time manages to defeat the bad guys.


Demon Slayer is the most recent series which got this much of popularity. Demon slayer broke lots of records in the Shonen JUMP and it’s movie is one of the most Earned anime movie of all time. Tanjiro is known for his swordsmanship.


He from the series of Bleach, This series is the part of big three and the Main character of Bleach is Ichigo. He is someone who has lots of hidden powers because of his background.​

JUMP Assemble APK Features


You can Play as beloved heroes from popular manga series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more. Each character comes with their powers from the original series.


The game features a virtual joystick for movement and action buttons for abilities, designed specifically for touchscreen devices. This allows the players to control the game effortlessly and enjoy the game smoothly


The game features stunning visuals and detailed art design that bring the worlds of Shonen Jump manga to life. Characters are modeled with high precision to reflect their original manga and anime appearances, making the game visually appealing for fans.


Players can personalize their favorite heroes with a variety of skins and accessories. This is a feature which is unique and it makes you stand out among other players if your customizations skills are good enough.


From the echoing clash of weapons to the iconic catchphrases of the characters, All of the sound effects are very well designed which makes your experience in the game amazing. If you use an headphone you will feel like that you are actually inside the game.

How To Download & Install JUMP Assemble Android?


The Jump assemble game brings together the best elements of Shonen Jump, combining them with engaging MOBA gameplay to deliver an awesome experience for anime fans. With intuitive touchscreen controls, stunning graphics, extensive character customization, and high-quality sound design, JUMP Assemble promises hours of fun and nostalgia for fans of the series. Also have a look at these alternatives.

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