Best Games Like JUMP Assemble

If you have been enjoying playing JUMP Assemble APK, Since quite sometime now and want to try something else. Then you have just landed in the right place because today I am going to share some of the best alternatives to the JUMP Assemble APK which you can install today on your android phone and enjoy playing these games. If you are someone who loved JUMP Assemble Game then you are definitely going to love these other games which are similar to JUMP Assemble. If you are seeking the alternatives to the JUMP Assemble game then you should read this article.

Anime fans cannot always enjoy their series because at some point the series story gets finished. For such cases they seek other products of the franchise in order to satisfy themselves and one of those product are Games. Almost every popular series got their own official and unofficial fan made games to play. Usually an otaku is not only a anime consumer but he is a gamer too. Many of the anime watchers are both gaming fans and anime fans as well. If you are also someone who enjoys anime and at the same time enjoys gaming then you should try these mentioned anime games on the list.

Best Games Like JUMP Assemble

JUMP Assemble APK is an amazing game to play and I recommend it to everyone who wants an anime game, Because JUMP Assemble is the most recent game which is released for gamers. It contains lots of characters from various different anime series. Every character from different popular series comes together as characters on this game to play. You can chose any character from them and play as them in the game. Even though this is an amazing game but you cannot expect yourself to just keep playing the same game again and again. Because after hundreds of repetition of doing the same thing again and again at some point getting bored is imminent. In such cases the fans do not get the same excitement and dopamine release from the game. If you are also one of them then don’t worry anymore because today we will share some of the best anime games which you can play today and get out of this boredom.

#1) Naruto Senki

There are many people who downloaded the JUMP Assemble game for the sake of Naruto being inside the game. If you are an Naruto Lover then this game is for you. You might not have heard about Naruto Senki APK because it is not an official game. This game is developed by an fan and it is based on the OG days of Naruto series. There is no BORUTO or any garbage in it. If you are someone who only enjoyed the early days of NARUTO then get the NARUTO Senki APK today.

#2) Arena of Anime: MOBA Legends

If you liked JUMP Assemble game then you should definitely try out, Arena Of Anime MOBA legends because both games are built and developed by the same company. This game lets you dive into 5v5 battles with awesome anime characters. With a small installation size, it’s perfect for players who want a focused, action-packed gaming experience. Those who have played JUMP Assemble also tends to play Arena of Anime.


#3 One Punch Man World

One Punch Man is an popular Anime and Manga which is loved by millions of Anime fans. This anime is famous because of the unique character Saitama, He is someone who is extremely strong and can defeat anyone by one PUNCH. He trained very hard to archive his strength. Another great point of this series is the Animation of it. The Animation of One Punch Man is top notch which makes it amazing to watch. If you are an anime fan then you should must try out this game.

#4 Genshin Impact

This game is based on an fantasy world and it is the most common game around Anime fans. There is no anime to Genshin impact which makes this game interesting because it is based on Anime theme. On top of that Genshin Impact is not something like battle royal but it is an story based game, Since you do not know the story of it you are going to enjoy playing Genshin Impact alot.


So those were some of the best alternatives to JUMP Assemble. The JUMP assemble apk is an amazing game but it is normal to seek other games as well because at some point everyone gets bored of playing same game again and again. Exploring alternatives can refresh your excitement and keep the gaming experience enjoyable. Games like Naruto Senki, Arena of Anime: MOBA Legends, One Punch Man World, and Genshin Impact offers different and exciting choices for anime and gaming fans. Each of the games on this list got their own unique qualities. If you believe that I have missed a game which should must be included then let me know that game in the comment. If you are facing any problems regarding the installation of any of the mentioned game then feel free to reach us out.

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